20th May 9:00-18:00


21st May 9:00-12:00

Keynote Report of GIIC

Intelligent Industry Forums

21st May 13:30-16:30

22nd May 09:00-12:00

22nd May 13:30-16:30

Key Technology of Artificial Intelligence Forum

Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum

Intelligent Unmanned Systems Summit Forum

Industrial Robots and Application of Intelligent Control Forum

Forum on the Development of Sensor and Intelligent City

Application and Development of Intelligent Drive Forum

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Plant

Big Data Innovation Forum

Parallel Forums

22nd May 09:00-12:00

22nd May 13:30-16:00

New Energy Vehicles and EMC Forum

New Energy and Intelligent Equipment Development Forum

Industry Control Equipment and System Security Industry Summit Forum

Innovation and Cooperation International Forums

21st May 13:30-16:30

China - ukraine aerospace manufacturing

China British artificial intelligence industry

China Russia Scientific Research Cooperation

China-France artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing industry

From the German Industry 4.0 to see the future of smart manufacturing

Italian intelligence manufacturing and smart city

Second China-Australia advanced manufacturing technology

22nd May 09:00-12:00

Manager Training in International Technology Transfer

Asia-European Technology Innovation and Cooperation Development Forum

Summit on Sino-American Technology Innovation, Investment and Financial Cooperation

Sino-Middle Eastern Technology Transfer Cooperation Forum

Sino-Swedish Technology Transfer Forum

New Energy Industry Cooperation Forum

Regional Economic Development Forum

21st May 13:30-16:30

22nd May 09:00-12:00

“One Belt, One Road” Initiative Intelligent Industry Innovation and Development Forum

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Technology Forum

23rd-31st May

Special Activities in the Local Industrial Park --Walking into China