General Information-2018全球智能工业大会暨全球创新技术成果转移大会暨博览会

General Information

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    With the rapid development of information technology, science and technology revolution oriented by the deep integration of informatization and industrialization sweeps China. The intelligent Industry is becoming the main direction in developing advanced manufacturing industry all over China.
    "2018 Global Intelligent Industry Conference (GIIC2018) and Global Innovation Technology Transfer Convention" will be held in May, 2018 in Beijing, China, which is co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and co-organized by Division of information and electronic engineering of CAE and Chinese Society of Engineering. At the same time, there will be parallel forums and matchmaking meetings. Organizing committee invites the world's leading academicians, experts, government officials, entrepreneurs gathering to discuss the latest developments in the field of intelligent industry.
    Striving in the direction of "Cross-border innovation and Internet Integration", we are committed to constructing a diversified, open platform for exchange and cooperation, in which people of vision, experts and elites in the field of intelligent industry all over the world gather together to establish the cooperation and development of mechanism of the world Intelligent Industry Conference, so as to lead the intelligent development of the industry, foster new momentum for economic growth and on the way to the new era of the global industrial transformation.